How Does Freedom of Speech Affect the Workplace?

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  Freedom of speech is one of America’s most fundamental rights that it gives its citizens. But when it comes to the workplace, freedom of speech can sometimes become disruptive and create tension among co-workers. As an employer, it’s important that you understand how freedom of speech affects the workplace and the boundaries you’re allowed to… Read more »

Five Ways to Prepare for an Interview with a Recruiter

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Going through recruiting agencies as opposed to applying directly with an employer is becoming an increasingly popular route for job seekers. But when it comes to interviewing with a recruiter, there are some common misconceptions – and some candidates may not be inclined to take it as seriously as they would with a traditional interview…. Read more »

How to Combat the Talent Shortage

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Employing a staff of qualified and talented individuals is key to the productivity and profitability of your company. When you end up settling for employees with less than ideal talent levels, it can have an adverse effect on your business and potentially jeopardize your future. Here are some facts about the impending talent shortage, and… Read more »

5 Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

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It may have been a long process. Weeks or months of submitting resumes, only to finally get a call for an interview. You researched the company, prepared as much as possible, and have finished your interview – you feel great. But…now what? Following up is critical to your job search success! Following up after an… Read more »

How is your culture?

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Seems like an innocent question, but can you answer it? What is your corporate culture like? Do you have a culture of whining and complaining? Or one where employees just “go through the motions?” Job satisfaction is tied directly to corporate culture. If your corporate culture leaves something to be desired, you can take some… Read more »

Tips For Writing an Effective Job Offer Letter

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One of the most important steps in the hiring process, presenting a job offer letter requires careful inclusion (and exclusion) of certain information. Following are some tips to help you craft effective job offer letters, without opening your business up to possible liability down the road. While you have some flexibility in the amount of… Read more »

Find Great Candidates – Use Technology to Recruit the Cream of the Crop

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Finding top talent is becoming increasingly difficult. As employers continue to see fiscal improvement and the economy improves, businesses are suddenly clamoring again for top talent. How can you stay at the top of the pack, and ensure you’re reaching the most-talented professionals for your job openings? Technology is having a profound impact on recruting…. Read more »