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Suwanee Career Opportunities 

In April 2016, SelecSource’s staffing partners expanded their efforts to Suwanee. With the opening of our Suwanee staffing agency, we dedicated ourselves to connecting job-seekers with some of the best job opportunities and employers in the area.

Suwanee’s motto is “Crossroads of the Past & Future,” which describes available career opportunities well. Work in engineering, manufacturing, and technical jobs is available, with space for both new workers and those seeking to continue building their careers in these industries.

Suwanee’s location places it conveniently near Atlanta, but far enough into Georgia’s picturesque landscape to give the city its own small-town charm. With a bustling light industrial community, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and access to parks, travel hubs, and the Gwinnett County education system, Suwanee is a great place to build a career.

Your Source for Suwanee Jobs 

At SelecSource, our recruitment services focus on connecting job-seekers to light industrial companies and roles in the Georgia communities we serve.  

Light industrial work focuses on creating a wide variety of finished products, from automobiles to children’s toys. Positions in distribution, warehouse work, and manufacturing are regularly available. Whether you’re just starting a career or are seeking the right place to continue your career path, our Suwanee staffing agency can help.  

Common positions available in the Suwanee area include: 



Engineers play a vital role in all types of light industrial work. Engineers solve a wide range of problems, ranging from how a finished product should be designed and built to how to build and maintain the equipment required to bring that finished product to life.  

Career opportunities are available if you’re looking for an engineering job in or near Suwanee. The staffing partners at SelecSource can help you connect to work that fits your skills and challenges you to learn more.  



Manufacturing lies at the heart of light industrial work, which means that manufacturing jobs are frequently available in Suwanee.  

Manufacturing jobs may range from operating machinery to assembling items to tackling warehouse work like picking, packing, and managing the day-to-day needs and tasks in a warehouse. Drivers of equipment like forklifts, cherry pickers, and clamp trucks are often in demand.  

To launch a career in manufacturing, talk to a SelecSource staffing partner today. 



Suwanee’s light industrial community also relies on a number of technical positions. Distribution and logistics workers are essential to ensure that the items manufactured in and around Suwanee get where they need to go. Warehouse clerks and associates focus on keeping their teams organized and on track.  

These jobs are essential to the success of any manufacturer. To learn more, speak to a recruitment services expert today.  

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