Streamline Your Hiring Process

At SelecSource, we make it a priority to provide each candidate with a friction-free process, a positive experience and hands-on attention. What does that mean for you? Every worker you hire or consider for a temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire job is starting off on the right foot. They are engaged, confident they will be a great fit and eager to make a great impression. This translates to higher productivity, higher motivation and greater retention.

This approach, combined with our scientifically based matching methodology, is designed to connect you with the ideal talent. For every employer, finding and keeping skilled light industrial workers is a must. Since 1997, SelecSource has helped companies meet their production and project goals and keep up with fluctuating demand and address skills shortages.

Looking For Efficient Workforce Solutions?

We’ve got you covered! Our payrolling service reduces administrative paperwork and employment risk. Our on-site management program takes the headaches out of managing a large contingent workforce. Our CPU Workforce Management gives you access to a high-quality workforce at a lower cost. This is achieved by analyzing available skills and capabilities, examining processes for inefficiencies, and retraining staff as needed to close efficiency gaps in manufacturing jobs and other areas.

Our Services

Temporary Staffing

Engage short- or long-term temporary employees for fill-ins, seasonal workload peaks and new business opportunities.


Reduce hiring risk by testing a SelecSource employee on the job before committing to a full-time hiring decision.

Direct Hire

SelecSource’s professional recruiters will find highly qualified candidates for your full-time hiring requirements—and there is NO COST until you decide to hire a candidate we provide.

Payroll Services

Let us take care of the payroll administration for your short-term and other non-core employees.

On-Site Services

SelecSource can provide an on-site recruiter to manage your large temporary staffing workforce.

CPU Workforce Management

Cost per unit provides a higher-quality workforce at significantly lower operational costs. We train and deploy workers, manage them and monitor performance.

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