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SelecSource Offers Recruitment Services in McDonough 

In May 2014, SelecSource expanded its recruitment services by opening a new branch in McDonough, Georgia. Known as “The Geranium City,” McDonough features a vibrant community centered around a historic town square and supported by several businesses, including many that offer engineering and technical career paths.  

We chose to expand to McDonough to serve our clients and job-seekers throughout Georgia better. At our McDonough office, we connect Georgia job-seekers to jobs and opportunities in the city and throughout Henry County. If you’re looking for distribution, warehouse, or manufacturing jobs or talent in the McDonough area, reach out to a staffing partner at SelecSource today.  

Serving the McDonough Area Light Industrial Community 

As a dedicated source of recruitment services located in McDonough, SelecSource helps connect job-seekers looking for work and the light industrial companies that need their experience and skills.  

Common positions available in the McDonough area include: 

Distribution and Logistics 

Companies make products. Consumers seek to buy products. Connecting companies and products are those who work in distribution and logistics.  

Distribution and logistics work focuses on getting materials and products where they need to go. Their work is essential to the economy and the well-being of people throughout Georgia and the world. This field includes a number of technical jobs for both entry-level and experienced job-seekers.  


Manufacturers specialize in creating certain products in the most effective and efficient ways possible. To do so, they rely on workers in a wide range of engineering jobs and technical positions.  

Many manufacturing jobs offer steady work with opportunities for advancement. Whether you’re new to manufacturing or seek more experience in your career, working with a staffing partner like the team at SelecSource can help you find the right job.  

Warehouse Staff 

Warehouses rely on a large number of staff. Common warehouse job openings in the McDonough area include work for pickers and packers, warehouse clerks, and warehouse associates.  

Warehouse workers focus on tracking inventory, preparing items for shipment, and coordinating with manufacturers, distribution teams, and logistics experts. Warehouses play a key role in the economy, and they offer great job opportunities for many workers. SelecSource recruitment services can help you find the right warehouse team for your career. 

Equipment Operators 

Work in light industrial uses specialized equipment. Job-seekers who have the credentials to operate forklifts, cherry pickers, clamp trucks, and other equipment are in demand in McDonough’s light industrial workforce. 

Talk to a staffing partner today if you have equipment operator credentials or want to expand your skillset. SelecSource offers the recruitment services needed to help you expand your career.  

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