3 Tips For Starting an Employee Referral Program

Is your team made up of superstars? Would you like to add more top talent (who wouldn’t?!)? It might be time to consider starting an employee referral program.

An employee referral program can be an excellent way to source new talent, complement your team, and send productivity and results through the roof. But, establishing an effective referral program encompasses more than paying a nice “finder’s fee” (which is certainly a great incentive for your employees).

Is your business “refer-able?”

Even with a monetary finder’s fee, before you start your employee referral program, you should ask whether your organization is worth referring. Your employees won’t recommend a position to friends unless you offer a great place to work. Here are some tips to help ensure your organization is “refer-able:”

1. Pay attention to the small details. Did an employee birthday pass without some sort of recognition? Did you congratulate your team member on her recent wedding? Pay attention to the seemingly “small” details of your employees. Sometimes a kind word is all that’s needed. A card or small gift can be an even greater success. Showing employees that you care (and the organization cares) can go a long way toward employee satisfaction.

2. Offer learning opportunities. Make sure that your employees have plenty of opportunities to expand their knowledge, both in the office and outside. If you support your employees’ growth now, they’re much more likely to stay with you for the long-term — and to recommend your business to their friends.

3. Encourage mistakes. Without some mistakes from time to time, how can you ever learn anything? Don’t foster a culture where mistakes are punished. They are a natural part of the learning and growth process, and should be encouraged. Just be sure that employees are fully versed in what caused the mistake and how to prevent it in the future.

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