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SelecSource’s Savannah branch opened in March of 2007. We’ve become a staffing partner to many companies and job-seekers in the region in the years since. Today, we help job-seekers and companies connect to fill engineering jobs, technical jobs, and other roles that meet business needs and support career growth.  

Historic Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city. It’s also a bustling business hub, including a wide range of manufacturers offering positions in light industrial work. We strive to be a premier Savannah staffing agency by connecting job-seekers and companies in a range of light industrial roles.  

Your Source for Savannah Jobs 

SelecSource supports Savannah’s career opportunities. We make connections between job-seekers looking for work and the light industrial companies that need their experience and skills.  

Popular positions available in the Savannah area include: 


Light industrial work focuses on turning materials into finished goods. While every company approaches this work differently, all manufacturers want to produce goods efficiently and effectively. To do so, they need to fill a wide range of engineering jobs, technical jobs, and similar positions.  

Whether you’re new to manufacturing or are looking for a new position in your career, talk to SelecSource today. Our Savannah staffing agency connects job-seekers to jobs in manufacturing.  

Distribution and Logistics 

Once manufacturers create goods, they need to move those goods to customers. Distribution and logistics workers specialize in moving materials and goods efficiently.  

Distribution and logistics are rapidly-growing fields, and they are essential to the economy. A number of technical jobs and other positions are available in this field for both entry-level and experienced workers. If you’re looking for Savannah jobs in distribution and logistics, reach out to SelecSource today. 

Warehouse Staff 

When goods are manufactured, they are often stored in warehouses as part of the distribution and logistics process. These warehouses rely on experienced pickers and packers, warehouse clerks, and warehouse associates.  

Warehouse workers focus on tracking inventory, preparing items for shipment, and coordinating with the rest of the business to meet business goals. The Savannah area is home to a number of warehouses, offering a wide range of career opportunities for both new workers and those with warehouse experience. 

Equipment Operators 

Manufacturers and warehouses both rely on workers who have the experience and training to operate equipment safely. Many Savannah employers look for workers who know how to operate equipment like: 

  • Forklifts 
  • Cherry Pickers 
  • Clamp Trucks 

If you have the experience and credentials to operate equipment, a Savannah staffing agency like SelecSource can help you find the right job. If you want to earn experience and credentials for operating equipment, talk to a staffing partner to learn more about your options and plan your career.  

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