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SelecSource opened our Vidalia office in February of 2012. Today, we’re recognized among Vidalia staffing agencies for our ability to connect job seekers to some of the best career opportunities in the light industrial field.  

While most people know Vidalia for its onions, the city and surrounding area are also home to a range of jobs in light manufacturing. Dot Foods employs a number of Vidalia-area residents in engineering, manufacturing, and technical positions, as do a number of other local employers.  

Whether you’re just starting your job search or you have years of experience, our staffing partners can help you connect to the right work for you.  

Where to Find Vidalia Jobs 

Vidalia is home to several companies that rely on the assistance of local workers to meet their business goals. Many different job opportunities are available. Working with a staffing partner can help you find the right fit for your skills and career goals.  

Engineering Jobs 

Engineering is a key part of light industrial work, which means a Vidalia staffing agency can often help job-seekers find engineering roles. Engineers work at the heart of light industrial operations, from determining the composition and design of a new product to building and maintaining the equipment that can produce that item.  

To find an engineering job near Vidalia, contact SelecSource to access our recruitment services. 

Manufacturing Jobs 

Light industrial work focuses on manufacturing. Equipment operators, maintenance teams, and other participants work together to keep a factory running, creating quality products according to strict specifications. 

Manufacturing offers a wide range of career opportunities, with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal position or a lifelong career path, manufacturing jobs can help you fulfill your goals. A Vidalia staffing agency can help.  

Technical Jobs 

Technical roles offer support to other positions within a light industrial setting. Career paths may include work in distribution, procurement, or logistics in these roles.  

Technical roles give those who do them the career opportunity to understand light industrial work better and to contribute to a project larger than themselves. Both entry-level jobs and work that requires experience are available. If technical jobs in Vidalia interest you, don’t hesitate to speak to a staffing partner for more insight.  

Warehouse Jobs 

Manufacturing companies rely heavily on their warehouses to store raw materials and to store and ship finished items. From overseeing the administrative and logistical aspects of warehouse work to doing the hands-on picking and packing, warehouse workers are essential to light industrial work.  

Many different career opportunities in warehouse work exist, from seasonal or part-time jobs to career paths. Talk to a recruitment services provider to learn more. 

Equipment Operators 

In a light industrial setting, some equipment requires specialized training and skill to operate. Whether you’re already skilled at operating forklifts, cherry pickers, clamp trucks, and similar equipment, or you want to learn these skills, light industrial work can help you build your career. Talk to a Vidalia staffing agency to learn more. 

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At SelecSource, our staffing partners are passionate about connecting job-seekers to career opportunities in and near Vidalia. To learn more, contact us.

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