Tips for Job Searching in a Slow Economy

When the economy slows, looking for a job can seem like an insurmountable task. In some metro areas, there are at least a dozen available workers for every open position. These odds can make landing the job you really want incredibly difficult — but there is hope. You can find a job in a slow economy, but you might need to think outside the box a little bit.

Here are a few tips to keep your job search going, even when times are tough.

Keep Networking

Your network can mean all the difference when you’re trying to compete with several other job candidates. Grow and work your network to mine for potential jobs. Even if the people in your direct network don’t have anything right now, chances are they know at least one person or company who is looking for someone new.

Pay Attention to Growing Markets

Not all industries will suffer during an economic downturn. Some in fact end up even stronger. Keep up on the news and pay attention to the markets that are growing instead of paring down. This is often the key to finding a job when things get rough. In addition, look for companies that have recession proof business models — these will be the companies that will still be hiring.

Keep a Positive Attitude

It can be very difficult to stay positive when you keep applying and interviewing for jobs and nothing happens. It is vital to stay positive however and keep your outlook sunny. Hiring managers can sense depression and desperation and these are not qualities you want to project in a job interview. Work on staying positive, find ways to cut your living expenses and look for jobs that will get you through the lean times, even if they aren’t exactly your dream job. If all else fails, look for volunteer work. Helping out the less fortunate can give you an entirely new outlook on your own situation.

Consider a Temp Position

Temping has become increasingly popular, both for job seekers and employers. Seek out recruiting agencies in your local area and see if you can’t land a few temp positions. Many employers use temp agencies to help them “try before they buy,” with new employees. You can use this opportunity to sell your skills and abilities and pivot to permanent, full-time employment.

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