Get Customers to Open Your Emails

Email marketing is still a very viable option that belongs in your marketing arsenal – but only if you’re using it correctly. You can spend thousands on mailing lists and hours putting together your campaign, but if you can’t get your potential customers to open the email, all of your efforts will be for naught.

There are several tried and true methods that will help ensure that your customers not only open your email, but also respond favorably to your marketing message. Let’s take a look at the top three and how you can implement them in your next marketing campaign.

Spark Their Interest

It goes without saying that you need to get your customer’s interested in what you have to say, and you have a very limited space to work with – just the subject line. You need to find a way to reach them at their core and stand out from the rest of their inbox.

You can do this by following the standard “What’s in it for Me” slogan. Find a way to impart the benefits your product or service can offer them in your subject line. For example, you can say “Reduce your monthly expenses by 20%” or something similar. Drive home the benefits you can offer in the subject line.

Get Them Thinking

If they can save money, their competitors can too – and that will get them thinking. Using the above example, you can change it just a bit and put “Your competitors are saving 20% on their monthly expenses.” Small wording changes like that can mean a lot with an email marketing campaign.

Avoid This Tactic

Even though it can work – at least at first – resist the urge to put “ Re: Savings” or something similar in your subject line. It will only work once and your customer will be irritated and feel tricked by you – that is something you do not want to have happen.

Don’t Forget This

Many mobile apps for email now include the first line or two in the preview for an email message. Take advantage of this. Highly personalize your openings by using their first name and get right to the point of your marketing message in the first line – don’t forget WIIFM! This will help intrigue them and separate your email from the rest of their inbox.

Do you need more advice on getting customers interested in your emails? The experts at Selecsource believe email marketing can reach out to any audience and be beneficial for many businesses. Let Selecsource reach out to your next employee today!