What Recruiters Want You To Know

Job seekers in today’s economy know that they need an edge in order to land the job they really want. However, many aren’t aware of just how important the basics are when they get in touch with a recruiter. Working with a recruiter can mean all the difference in getting a job with a great company, but there are several common mistakes job seekers make in their early stages of contact.

If you want to increase your chances of getting your dream job, it’s vital to make sure you are hitting these three points before you talk to a recruiter.

Watch How You Describe Yourself

Even little asides that you make when you talk about yourself to a recruiter can matter. For example, if you give the impression that you’re difficult to work with, or have had personality clashes with other employees or managers in your past, this is definitely going to count against you in your discussions with a recruiter. While it is important to be completely honest, on the flip side, you don’t want to ruin your chances with over-sharing.

Remember, you are a direct reflection of the recruiter once they place you with a company. They’re not going to want you representing them if it’s going to reflect badly on them.

Master the Basics of Great Communication

You would be surprised by how many candidates make the mistake of not proof-reading their initial communications with a recruiter, or even fail to include basic contact information in their emails. You want to present yourself as a professional candidate who deserves their time and their help. Do all that you can to ensure that your communication with them is polished and professional. It helps to read aloud your email or letter to yourself before you send it — your spellchecker isn’t infallible and this extra step can help you spot trouble areas.

Learn How to Research

Researching a potential opening is a very important step, even if you are working with a recruiter. You need to know everything you can find out about the company you want to work for and the job duties for the available position. Taking the time to do this tells the recruiter you are serious and will help you score some extra points in winning them over.

The most important thing you must do when you’re looking for a recruiter is to look at it like a job interview. Put your best foot forward, be a professional, and you’ll have recruiters hunting you down, instead of the other way around.

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