Avoid Your Cover Letter Sounding Like a Chain Letter

Avoid Your Cover Letter Sounding Like a Chain Letter

When you are sending out numerous resumes to different hiring managers, it can be very tempting to put together one letter and mass-send it out. In turn, this gives your cover letter a mass-produced or even chain letter tone. This is one of the most common mistakes job hunters can make. Never forget that your cover letter is the tool that will either open the door for you, or get it slammed in your face.

There are a few different techniques that you can use to ensure that each one of your cover letters is unique, professional and as far from a chain letter as you can get.

1. Always proofread each and every letter you send out. While we are all human and mistakes happen, you really don’t want them to happen on your cover letter. Print out a draft copy, correct it and read it out loud before finalizing your draft. This will help you catch anything you might miss skimming over it.

2. Never address a cover letter to “Whom it May Concern.” This is a mistake that will land your cover letter in the shredder. Take the time to research your point of contact – their name, gender and anything else you can find out about them. Make sure you address them correctly in your letter.
3. Take the time to personalize each letter. While you may be applying for the same kind of position, the jobs and the companies you are applying with are not the same. Take some time to research each opening and the company and find a way to personalize every cover letter you send out. Yes, it’s extra work, but it’s well worth it.

4. Standing out from the crowd correctly. While it is very important to be professional, you also want to stand out – in a good way. Don’t use overly colorful paper. A simple, very nice bond of stationary is just fine. Don’t go crazy with your fonts, use a classic font and avoid italicizing or bolding your text.  Simple is best. Let your skills and your achievements speak for themselves in your cover letter.

With a little extra attention, you can be assured that your cover letter will open the door to the job you really want.
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