Six Job Skills You Should Be Recruiting For

Want to make sure you are hiring the best possible candidate for the job? There are specific traits that will help you narrow down the field to ensure that you are finding the best possible fit for each position in your organization. No matter what type of job you need to fill, these traits are universal and will help you target the best possible candidate for the position.

1. Can they be flexible? Flexibility is key in the work force. Your employees will not always have simple tasks or issues to solve and they need to be able to think on their feet and come up with their own solutions, rather than getting bogged down. Self-starters typically evidence higher levels of flexibility and they don’t need constant monitoring to get their jobs done.

2. Do they have a frugal nature? While frugality may not seem like an important trait to have in an employee, it is nonetheless vital. You want employees who know how to do more with less, particularly in today’s economy. These employees are the ones who will help you stay under budget and on time, without needing to be prodded to do it.

3. Do they display strong empathetic characteristics? Empathy is a necessary trait that all of your employees should have, and particularly those who are in customer service or sales. It’s not a trait we all have in equal measure, and some people have very low levels of empathy. Ask situational questions that require the candidate to put themselves in the customer’s shoes to determine just how empathetic they truly are.

4. Are they passionate about what they do? Passion is a characteristic that is vital in a new hire. Truly loving what you do makes an enormous difference in how you produce for your job. Want more productive employees? Seek out the ones who do have a passion for their jobs. As Mark Twain said, make your vocation your vacation to find true happiness.

5. Do they know how to keep it simple? Simplicity can never be overrated. In many cases, when faced with problems in the work place, it is the simplest answer that is the best. Look for candidates who don’t get caught up in problem solving at too high a level – you want the people who can look at a problem and immediately find the quickest and easiest way to solve it.

6. How well can they bounce back? The way a candidate responds to adversity shows you a lot about the depth of their character. Ask them questions to determine whether or not they have ever faced adversity in their previous work or personal life and how they handled the situation. Look for candidates who acknowledge the seriousness of what they faced and those who found unique and positive ways of handling this adversity.

Ideally, you should hire the candidate that scores the highest in all six of these areas. However, the ones that carry the most weight are their empathetic qualities and their passion – these two can make up for any other areas that may be lacking.

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