What Your Employees Want From You This Summer

Ah summer! The time when everyone wants to be outside, spend more time with their families and enjoy this fleeting time of year. It’s also the time when many employees start to drift and become dissatisfied with their jobs. You can head off these dangerous feelings by working with your employees a little more and understanding what they want from you when the temperatures begin to climb. Many of us never get over the yearning for our summer break and while we can’t take a few months off, there are several ways that you can make your employees happy and productive during this time.

1. A Little Flex-Time. Flex-time is very important to your employees during the summer months, particularly if they have children. Be a little more open minded about offering flexible hours during these months and chances are, your employees will not only be grateful, but they’ll want to keep working for such an awesome boss. It can get a little difficult when you’ve got a lot of employees, but work out a schedule that gives them a little more freedom to come in later and leave later, or maybe even extend their lunch breaks a bit.

2. Direction and Motivation. It’s all too easy to lose our sense of direction and motivation when it’s nice out and all we want to do is play. Summertime is a great time to start a new inter-office competition or set some project goals to keep your employees focused and motivated. Don’t be afraid to try something new and work out new ways to make their jobs a little more fun. We can’t have it all, but is nice to have something different to take our attention away from wanting to be outside.

3. A Way to Get Outside. Summer is all about getting outside and having fun and you’ll never feel that desire more keenly than when you’re cooped up in an office when it’s gorgeous outside. Give your employees an excuse to get out, whether it’s at a company picnic, or a patio area where they can eat their lunches outside. If you can give them a little of what they want, they’ll be more willing to sit through the rest of the day inside.

4. A Different Dress Code. Let’s face it, not many people enjoy wearing suits and formal attire as the mercury climbs. You may want to consider offering the ability to relax the dress code a little bit during the summer months. That’s not say you want to allow jean cutoffs and flip-flops, but give your employees a few more wardrobe options when it’s blistering hot outside.

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