Job Hunting While Employed: How to Cover Your Tracks!

We’ve all been in the situation where we are looking for another job while we’re still employed. If you don’t handle your search discreetly and manage your time, you may find you’re out of a job sooner than you anticipated.

1. Avoid telling any co-workers about your plans. Even if you are close with them, it is simply best to keep your search quiet. It’s all too easy to have someone spill the beans before you’re ready to announce that you’re leaving. On the same token, avoid giving your current co-workers as references on your new job applications.

2. Don’t use your work computer for your job search. Numerous employers are monitoring employee web surfing and quite honestly, it’s simply bad form. If you want to search for jobs during your lunch hour, bring your own computer or install a few job search apps on your phone.

3. Schedule your interviews as closely as possible. Ideally, you should try to have all of your job interviews on the same day. This gives you a chance to take a personal day and accomplish what you need to, without having to take multiple days off, or worse, lie to your current employer about why you suddenly need so much time. You can also try to schedule interviews in the early morning hours or after work. Avoid lunch hour interviews however as they invariably will run long.

4. Don’t get stressed out. You’ll find the time to look for a job, even if it seems impossible right now. Attend some networking events and subtly let it be known that you are “keeping your eyes open for new opportunities.”

5. Get the help of a recruiter. Since you don’t have a lot of free time to devote to your job search, put a recruiter to work for you. Send out your resume to local recruiters, inform them that you are still employed and want to stay that way until the right job comes along. They’ll be able to discreetly help you find the job you want, taking the stress of you.

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