Job Search Tips for Career Changers

Changing careers midstream is becoming increasingly popular, but it presents a unique challenge to the job seeker. Instead of being able to rely on your experience, you’re entering into uncharted waters. However, with the right approach, you can make your transition as seamless as possible and be assured you’ll land the job you really want.

1. Organize your plan of attack. You’ll want to make sure that all of your ducks are in a row before you begin your search. Make sure you’ve targeted the field you are truly interested in and learn all that you can about it. Research employers and begin planning out how you will find the job you really want. Working with a recruiter is an excellent idea since they can handle all the nuts and bolts of your search while you’re still employed and they’ll have access to the employers you want to work for.

2. Be open minded. You might not find the job you want in your local area. Being willing to relocate increases your chances of landing your dream job. Even expanding your search to the next city can be beneficial and you may not even have to move if you don’t mind commuting.

3. Accentuate the positive. Ok, so you may not have experience in the new field of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you don’t bring a lot to the table. Focus on your achievements and your skill sets that are appropriate for the job you want.

4. Show your passion. When a hiring manager is faced with a highly skilled, but apathetic potential hire, and an untrained but passionate potential hire, which one do you think they would rather have working for them? Being passionate about your field counts for a lot in any business and they would rather have someone who is engaged in their work than an employee who just does the bare minimum.

5. Start networking. Developing a network will open more doors for you during your search. Attend local events and get your name out there. This will help ensure that you’re meeting the people who will help further your career – and you can’t do that at home.

6. Develop your skill set further. Let’s say you want to enter into a completely different field. Instead of hoping your future employer will train you, start taking classes now that will help you develop your skill sets and make yourself a more attractive hire. Be sure to list these classes and training you’ve had on your resume to increase your chances of landing the interview.

With the right strategy, you can lateral into your dream job and be assured you’ll stand out in the crowd.

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