How to Turn That Summer Job Into a Career

When you’re working for your degree, and taking jobs over the summer, this is an ideal time not only to network and build your connections, but also develop a future career path. Ideally, you should choose summer jobs that are already in your field of choice, even if it is for an entry-level or intern position. This is an outstanding opportunity to turn that summer job into your new career.

Employers appreciate being able to try future employees out to see how they perform on the job and how they interact with the team. You may not even realize it, but many of these positions are actually auditions as companies look to hire the next new wave of college graduates. One of these summer jobs can definitely work in your favor.

So, how you do you get the hiring manager’s attention and show that you are the perfect candidate for a career level position in their organization? Let’s look at a few things you’ll need to be doing:

1. Treat your summer job like a real career. That means coming in on time, every single day and putting forth the maximum amount of effort at your assigned tasks. Look at every single day as an audition and make sure that your performance and attendance levels are high. Many students make the mistake of slacking off during their summer job and they end up missing key opportunities that could have turned into long lasting careers.

2. Volunteer for extra on-the-job training. Not only will you be developing your skill sets for the future, but you’ll be letting your employer know that you are not only willing to put forth extra work, but that you want to succeed and grow within their organization. Even if it means less free time, this is a great investment of your summer and can pay off big time once you’ve graduated.

3. Let it be known you would like to stay there. We’re not saying to loudly expound on your love of the company within hearing range of any executive, every single day, but it is important to let the human resources manager know that you enjoy the position and would love to stay with their organization. Back this desire up by fulfilling step 1 and chances are, you’ll get the job once you’ve graduated.

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