Tips for Nabbing a Long Distance Job Offer

The job market continues to improve, and with that, the competition for jobs remains fierce. You’ve read the advice of experts and have polished your resume, prepared for the interview, and have crafted a superior cover letter. But, now you’ve decided a relocation is in order.

What do you do now?

Finding a job, regardless of location, requires the suggestions above. Finding a job in a new city requires a great deal of extra preparation and diligence to help keep you at the top of the resume heap – and ultimately land you your dream job, in your dream city.

These four tips will help your chances of finding a long-distance job:

  1. Plan exactly where you want to move. That’s right – before sending out your resumes, think about exactly where you’d like to move. Don’t plan your move to “anywhere,” determine what area is best suited for your lifestyle needs and desires. Then, focus your attention on opportunities in that specific market.
  2. Learn everything. Okay, maybe that’s asking a bit much, but once you’ve decided where you want to live, learn all you can about the area: top companies, job market, emerging industries. And don’t forget your personal needs – research neighborhoods, cost of living differences, schools, and other factors of your day-to-day life that could impact your move.
  3. Network, network, network. Did we mention you should network? Use social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn as a career relocation tool. Reach out to employers and professionals in your desired market, ask for tips and advice, and broadcast your job search and skills. The people you tweet today could be your new coworkers tomorrow.
  4. Have your relocation plan ready. Employers are sometimes wary about hiring an employee from out of town. In today’s economy, relocation packages are few and far between. If you’re offered a job, know beforehand how quickly you can relocate – and how much it will cost you.

Looking for new career opportunities?

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