Don’t Waste Opportunity – 4 Ways to Turn a Temporary Position into a Full-Time Job

Temporary employment positions can be a great way to gain experience, find work in between full-time positions, and have on-the-job flexibility. Many top organizations use temporary labor to help supplement their workforce, offering a multitude of opportunity.

Taking the next step in your temporary career.

From time to time in temporary work, you may find yourself wanting to stay as a permanent employee. While there are no guarantees, there are ways to help increase your chances of being asked to be a permanent member of the team:

1. Perform on the job

Deliver results as if you were a permanent part of the team already. Remember that the number one reason you have been brought aboard is to get work done, so make it your priority. Take notes during meetings and follow up to learn as much as possible about your job and organization, so that you can excel in your role. If you have to stay late, do it and don’t complain. On the flip side, don’t show up late or leave a few minutes early. You want to look interested and engaged in the position.

2. Look the part.

The old phrase, “Dress for success” is true. Your attire as a temporary employee should be no different than that of full-time staff. Be sure to always ask about an office dress code before starting a new position, and even if you see other employees straying from the code, be sure to adhere to it closely. If you want to become a permanent member of the team, details count!

3. Become invested in the company.

Become involved in meetings by taking notes and asking follow up questions. Make suggestions and contributions to discussions, and show genuine concern for the future of the organization. Be sure to stay smiling and don’t be phony when interacting with co-workers.

4. Join the team.

Learn people’s names, and understand their roles, so that you can understand where you fit within the organization. At lunch or during breaks, don’t be afraid to discuss your career plans with co-workers. When assessing candidates and temporaries, management may talk to members of the team for their input. Getting to know your co-workers and being a member of the team makes it much more likely management will consider you a part of the team too.

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