Keep Your Team Intact – Reduce Turnover with an Employee Recognition Program

If you have a pet, you may notice that the cat or dog responds best to positive reinforcement.  A little treat and some positive cheers can result in a happy, trick-performing pet.  If positive reinforcement works on your pet, it seems pretty logical that it might even work with humans.

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

Employee recognition programs have been tested and proven to increase employee morale and decrease turnover. And the best part is – they don’t have to be expensive. Use the following tips and ideas as inspiration for your own employee recognition program:

1. Deliver praise regularly. Who doesn’t like a nice pat on the back from time to time? It takes very little effort, and zero cost, to say “Nice job,” when an employee does something correctly or surpasses expectations. And don’t be afraid to speak up in team meetings, too. If a member of your team has gone above and beyond, share the good news and give props where they are warranted.

2. Team lunches. Do many of your employees eat lunch at their desks? It may seem like a good boost to productivity, but working straight through lunch can result in fatigue, burnout and frustration. Schedule team lunches, or if you aren’t able to make a weekly lunch, encourage your team to enjoy lunch together (without management present).  Lunches sans management will provide an opportunity for your team to blow off some steam and relax, before coming back and having a productive afternoon. Also, when the weather is nice, put a picnic table and grill out back, so your team can cook meals and enjoy time without spending too much extra cash.

3. Provide flexible work schedules. Show your employees that you trust their hard work and productivity by providing flexible work schedules. Rather than working five, 8-hour days, let employees choose to work four, 10-hour days, or work from home a few days each week. You don’t need to stand over your employees watching every second of their day, so let them take advantage of work schedules that increase productivity and make for much more engaged and satisfied employees.

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