The Domino Effect of Staffing

Creating Growth for Your Business in 2021

By: Lukas Donough

When it comes to staffing fulfillment, an employer must consider an array of factors. Think of each of these factors as a domino and when one is out of line, the trail comes to a halt.

These factors may include pay structure, benefits, and flexible work schedules.  When it comes to a labor strategy, what adjustments do you need to make to reach those goals? One of the most important items to evaluate is your pay structure.  If you are willing to adapt your pay, we are confident you will fill your positions more efficiently.  Otherwise, your organization is at risk of employees leaving to find work with companies who are paying at or above market wages.  When a company lacks resources and inspired talent, they are then unable to get the job done in a timely manner, and fulfillment suffers.

This is not a new concept, but it is a conversation that has become vital and more magnified due to our current realities. How willing and able are you to adapt to change?  We are still coping with living in a COVID world.  This virus continues to affect the ability and willingness of an employee to show up for work, making the benefits you offer even more important than ever!  Benefits such as pay, health, and flexible scheduling are all factors individuals consider when looking for employment.  Whether you need to hire 10 full time employees, or 20 part time employees, you must be willing to adapt and adjust to a new approach to your labor strategy.

As a client-focused, talent inspired staffing firm, SelecSource is seeing a lot of volatility when it comes to the labor market.  Many companies are not making the adjustments needed, regarding pay and benefits, which is affecting their ability to fulfill their staffing needs. This exemplifies how important it is to think about each individual domino as one decision. If you make one move to upset your staff, you can easily set off a chain reaction. Our experts at SelecSource, are willing to talk through these factors with you and set a plan for 2021. Our team would be proud to help create a solution to provide consistency in your workforce.

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