Full-Service Staffing – We manage your workforce, so you don’t have to.



SelecSource has delivered award-winning employment services across Georgia and neighboring states since 1997, serving our clients and talent through the economic recession and fluctuating labor markets. In 2017 we celebrated a record-breaking 20th anniversary year in profitability and number of placements. Our management team’s combined 200 years of industry experience in Commercial Staffing, Skilled Trades, and Professional Search is at your service.


“Full-Service” is not a joke. We are equipped to handle every aspect of workforce management on your behalf, from sourcing candidates to end their assignments. We recruit using online job boards, traditional media, social platforms, inbound and outbound calling, and referrals through our community partners in your area. We screen those candidates based on face-to-face interviews, drug tests, background checks, our own high standards of integrity, and customized skill tests. We handle payroll for whoever you decide to hire and can manage the employees through our on-site services. Any HR hurdles along the way, including worker’s compensation, are our mess, not yours. Think of us as your black box of workforce magic: you put in a single all-inclusive payment and we spit out the productive labor you need.


We receive Over 2,000 job applications per month. Each of our branches conducts 50+ interviews each day. With so many applicants, we can afford to be selective. And with our high standards, we wouldn’t want it any other way. 6% of candidates fail our drug test or background checks. An additional 13% are turned down for integrity issues uncovered through our outsourced surveys and personality tests. And that’s before they even interview. At your discretion, we also incorporate skills tests based on the abilities of your top performers. Each successful applicant is added to our database of vetted talent, totaling 10,000 associate profiles and counting, many of whom are available to work. Available to work for YOU.


The Staffing landscape changes rapidly. New digital tools for sourcing and recruiting pop up daily, and legacy providers roll out new services. Social media, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn, have become essential to the recruiting toolkit, as has knowledge of SEO through Google Jobs and other platforms.

You can’t waste money and management time staying abreast of these changes. That’s our job. We are constantly experimenting. Immersed in the industry, we ride the wave of change to find the best suite of tools to find the best possible people for your position in your geography.


We understand that workers are only as valuable to you as the work they actually accomplish. SelecSource wants to make sure we are a profitable business partner for you, and we can design our billing accordingly. We are an industry pioneer of CPU (Cost Per Unit) pricing. If you’d like to pay us based on the number of boxes shipped in your warehouse, or the quantity of product produced on your assembly line, we can accommodate you. Let’s make a deal that works for both of us.