Why You Should Promote Your Best Manufacturing Employee Instead of Hiring Someone Else

Promote From Within

One choice that hiring managers must often make is deciding whether to promote from within or make an external hire. While external hires may have more education and experience, this isn’t always the best path to take. In fact, Forbes reports, “in addition to scoring worse on performance reviews, external hires were 61 percent more likely to be fired from their new jobs than were those who had been promoted from within the firm.” Here are some specific reasons why you should promote your best manufacturing employee rather than looking outside your company.

They’re Already Well Versed in the Daily Roles of the Company

A manufacturing workplace can be a dynamic and fast-paced setting. Regardless of how knowledgeable and experienced an external hire may be, there’s no way they’ll be as well versed as an existing employee. They won’t understand the subtle nuances, and there’s going to be an unavoidable learning curve.

When you promote your best manufacturing employee, you can streamline the process significantly and have them contributing at a high level within a relatively short period of time.

They Already Fit Into the Culture

Culture is something that’s often overlooked but nonetheless plays a key role in the success of a manufacturing company. By hiring from within, you know for a fact that the individual meshes with your culture, and their values, philosophy, etc., are a good fit. With external hires, there’s no guarantee that they’ll fit into the culture, and there’s always the possibility of friction when you go this route.

They Won’t Require as Much Training

Getting acclimated to a new company can be difficult for anyone, and no one can reach full productivity on their first day. Depending upon the complexity of a position, it may take several days or even a few weeks before an employee will be completely up to speed. You can minimize the duration of training considerably by hiring from within because your best manufacturing employee will already have a solid understanding of the nuts and bolts of your operation.

It’s Less Expensive

According to the Saratoga Institute, “the average cost of finding and hiring someone from outside the company is 1.7 times more than an internal hire.” That’s not a number to scoff at. If an external hire doesn’t work out, you could quickly find yourself in the position where you need to begin the entire recruiting/hiring process over from scratch, which will cost even more money.

When you really break it all down, the reasons to promote your best manufacturing employee greatly outweigh hiring someone from the outside. In many cases, this will reduce your stress, save you money and can pay dividends in the long run.

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