Key Points to Cover When You’re a Job Seeker Over Fifty

Job Seeker Over Fifty Years Old

In a competitive workplace, finding a job can be difficult enough for younger workers. But according to research, it can be even trickier for individuals over the age of fifty. In fact, a survey by ExecuNet found that “a Vice President over the age of fifty takes 20 percent longer to get hired than a 41 – 45-year-old at the same level. But don’t let this deter you from finding a great position. Simply use the following key points when you’re a job seeker over fifty.

Being Overqualified

For many jobs, there’s a good chance that you’ll be equally as qualified or even more qualified than your boss. Because this may make some hiring managers uncomfortable, it’s important that you address this issue if they bring it up. Usually the best way to tackle it is to say that your experience and qualifications will make you an asset and that you won’t require as much training to get the hang of things.

Addressing Motivation

Some recruiters may also fear that you’ll get bored with a position. Because you’ve already been in the industry for a significant length of time and may be more experienced than many higher ups, there can be the perception that you lack the gusto to really thrive.

For this reason, it’s important to explain your passion and that you enjoy new challenges. Even if you’ve been doing similar job duties for decades, you can mention that you enjoy working in new environments and collaborating with different team members. You can also allow your references to put in a good word for you and explain exactly what you bring to the table.

Talking About Technology

Another reason why hiring managers are sometimes reluctant to hire a job seeker over fifty is because of the stigma that older workers don’t fully understand technology and are incapable of keeping up with it. You can ease their concern by explaining your experience with technology and that you’re comfortable with using it. Make it clear that you’re tech-savvy by including your LinkedIn URL on your cover letter.

Additional Points

You can also increase your odds of landing a job by doing a couple of small things. First, don’t call attention to yourself by mentioning your age during an interview. In fact, asking a candidate their age during an interview is illegal. Second, trim back your resume so that it only goes back a maximum of 10 years. This should help to not date you as much.

Although being a job seeker over fifty comes with some inherent challenges, it’s by no means impossible to find a rewarding position to enhance your career. By covering these key points and taking the right approach, you should be able to make a favorable impression and land a solid job.

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