Make Safety a #1 Priority, Always!!

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Most accidents are caused by carelessness or thoughtlessness – yours or someone else on the job. When an accident occurs, it’s because someone has failed to foresee that it could happen.

If you think ahead to the possible hazards likely to confront you, plans on how to avoid them can be made. When starting work at a new job site, it’s important to always size up the work environment and your working situation. Recognize ways to prevent accidents and keep your job safe.

Employees come up with some of the best improvement ideas! If you have ideas, concerns or suggestions for safety improvements, we encourage you to raise them with your supervisor, another On-Site manager, or the branch office. Many process safety issues can develop behind the scenes which is why the employee’s feedback and suggestions are so important! Reports and concerns about workplace safety issues can be anonymous.

Employee engagement is key! Focus on your work and be alert to your surroundings every day. A job is only as safe as each person makes it. If each employee takes nothing for granted, regularly checks all tools and equipment for safe operation, keep the workspace neat and follow company rules, they will contribute to the safety of themsleves and fellow workers.

Working without safety is a dead-end job.