Things You Must Do During a Job Search

When you’re looking for a job, commonly the things you focus on are crafting your resume, looking for job listings and preparing for interviews. However, there are several other things you should be doing which will help increase your chances of landing the job you really want. Even if you’re currently employed and searching for a job, you can still do these activities to help you while keeping your search discrete.

Put Together Your Personal Plan

Before you start actively seeking out a job, it is vital to take the time to sit down, assess yourself and figure out where you want to go in your life. Put together a plan that is actionable and attainable and decide where you want to steer your future. Taking the time to really think about what you enjoy doing and making sure you can see yourself doing this five, even ten years, from now, will help ensure that you’re going after the job you really want to have. List out your personal goals as well as your professional goals so that you will have the total picture of what you want to achieve.

Get Involved in Mentoring

If you’re already established in your career, or have at least some experience in the work force, you can be an incredible benefit to someone else. Volunteer through your local chamber of commerce, or join a mentoring group. The things you’ve learned to this point will definitely help someone else who is just starting out. And this also works for you as well — you’re never too old or established to seek out a mentor for yourself. Look for someone in your field who is well established and seek them out.

Start Networking

Whether it’s online or in-person, you need to be networking. Lost as to how to get started? Try attending local events and resist the urge to be a wallflower. Put yourself out there and let it be known that you’re open to a change in your field. This is a subtle way of saying you’re looking for a job. You can also start by volunteering in your community and networking with other volunteers. Go online to sites like LinkedIn and create your own profile. This service has invaluable tools for job seekers and those interested in networking.

The key is making your job search active. It’s so much more than sitting on your computer, sending out resume after resume. If you get involved and take a pro-active approach, you’ll be much more likely to land a great career, instead of just a “job.”

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