5 Job Skills You Didn’t Know You Have

Preparing a resume can sometimes seem like a chore. Analyzing your previous positions and accomplishments can seem tedious, and it can be frustrating to send out your resume to hundreds of companies, only to hear back from a few.

Your resume offers a chance for your skills to shine.

Take a look at your resume – are you highlighting all your marketable skills? You may have neglected to mention your “hidden,” marketable job skills. What are “hidden” job skills, you might ask? They are skills wrapped into everyday tasks that may not seem so marketable, at first glance. But they can be influential additions to your resume, and can help you land your next job. For newer entries into the job market in particular, these hidden skills can truly help you stand out.

Following are the top 3 “hidden” job skills you may possess:

  1. Planning. Did you complete an internship in college? Or maybe you had a starter job where you were responsible for scheduling meetings, writing business letters or handling calls. Those may seem like “tasks,” but they are representative of strong planning skills – skills that can be a big bonus for employers.
  2. Communication. Have you ever worked with multiple departments? Dealing with the personalities in accounting and the slow turnaround of customer service may seem like everyday frustrations in some jobs, but the ability to smoothly circumvent the challenges posed by unique personalities falls under the guise of “communication skills.” Deftly circumventing people’s unique differences to get work done is a valuable skill!
  3. Leadership. When your office was fighting over what type of new coffee maker to buy, did you step up to organize people’s feedback and purchase the new machine? Of course, this is just an example, but stepping up and helping lead a plan to completion is a valuable skill to any organization. Just because you didn’t hold a management position doesn’t mean you didn’t hone valuable leadership skills!

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