Searching For an Administrative Position? Here are 3 Interview Tips.

You’re a multi-tasking dynamo, an experienced administrative professional who understands the challenges and potential of an administrative role. As the hub of an organization, you are relied upon to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Your duties can include office skills, managing high-tech communications systems and even customer service. You are a savvy professional!

So, how can you ace an administrative interview?

As a professional with a unique skill set, an interview for administrative roles can present unique opportunities to demonstrate your skill, and back up any assertions in your resume or cover letter. Here are three tips to help you ace your interview — and land your next administrative job:

  1. Be ready to take some tests. Depending on the position, you may be asked to take a typing speed and accuracy test, a test on your basic office skills or skills tests in popular software like Microsoft Word. If it’s been awhile since you’ve used any of these programs or skills, or if you’d like to hone your skills a bit, check online for free skills testing resources.
  2. Prepare specific examples of past success. Nowadays, it isn’t enough to have a great resume, you should be prepared to cite specific examples where you helped increase efficiency, lowered cost, or stepped in to help another team member. As an administrative professional, you will be relied upon as part of the “hub” of your organization, and potential employers will need a sample of your past tangible successes to assess if you’ll be a good fit for their business.
  3. Use your eagle eye. Many administrative professionals are expected to draft or proofread business correspondence, including letters. To start, your resume, cover letter and any supporting documentation should be free of errors. Next, you may be asked to review some correspondence in their office. Be slow and careful – you don’t want to miss any mistakes!

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