Short Work History? 3 Ways to Beef Up Your Prospects.

Competition is stiff in today’s job market, and if you have a short work history, you may find yourself facing an uphill battle. Opportunities are out there, and you can rise above your short work history, but don’t set yourself back with absent-minded mistakes.

A short work history doesn’t have to mean a hard job search.

Maximize your opportunities for employment by following these three job search tips:

  1. Network, network, network. You know that old phrase, “It’s who you know?”  If you have a short work history, this is especially true. If you haven’t set up profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter, set them up now. Actively post and comment on other people’s post. Reach out to people in your field, and previous co-workers or acquaintances from your college days. In the “real” world, find local professional organizations in your field, or young professional networking organizations, where you can expand your professional network and connect with other like-minded professionals.
  2. Volunteer. All relevant experience isn’t necessarily paid experience. You can put your skills to use and beef up your resume by volunteering with a local non-profit organization. In addition to gaining additional experience in your field, you’ll expand your professional network, and will have one-on-one access with dynamic professionals in your field.
  3. Partner with an employment agency. Employment agencies have access to jobs that aren’t posted elsewhere, and they are experts at helping people with specific resume challenges market themselves. Your recruiter will help you prepare a professional resume that “sells” your skills, and will help you find training opportunities in areas where you may lack some skills. Plus, your recruiter will also “sell” you directly to top employers in the area. In addition to providing you with temporary employment opportunities, you could end up landing your next full-time career opportunity!

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