How is your culture?

Seems like an innocent question, but can you answer it? What is your corporate culture like? Do you have a culture of whining and complaining? Or one where employees just “go through the motions?”

Job satisfaction is tied directly to corporate culture.

If your corporate culture leaves something to be desired, you can take some simple steps toward improving it…now:

  1. Give praise. When people do a good job, tell them. How’s that for easy? Yet, it’s a step that is sorely lacking from many organizations. We have a base need for praise and success. When you fill that need for your employees, you are providing a more nurturing, successful work environment.
  2. Provide flexibility. Some people work better in a cubicle, others work better from home. If your business permits, allow your employees to have some flexibility with their work arrangements. Make an offer for your employees to work from home, or work something besides 9 to 5. Even if they don’t take you up on the offer, the fact that there are flexible options will make your employees feel more valued – and happier.
  3. Create comfortable digs. Is your office filled with harsh lighting and the dreaded grey cubicles? Spruce it up a bit with some comfortable furniture, and areas where employees can unwind — or better yet, brainstorm. Encourage your team to bring in personal affects and create personalized workspaces. When employees are more comfortable in their surroundings, their creative juices start flowing. And who knows what great ideas could spring from that comfy chair you brought in?
  4. Give them room to grow. Your employees may love their jobs, but give them room to expand and grow within the company. Offer cross-training and education opportunities, and provide clear paths of ascension for employees who are eager to take on more responsibility.

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