Can a Mentor Help Me Advance My Career?

A mentor relationship can providing rewarding growth and opportunities for both the mentor, and the professional receiving the advice. If you’re looking for help defining your long-term goals and career plans, a mentor might be a valuable resource and tool for you in your career.

A great mentor provides an opportunity for learning and growth.

Whether you look to a senior employee at your current employer, or another professional in your field, a mentor can provide excellent opportunities to challenge and grow your career. Developing a relationship with a professional mentor can help you advance your career by:

  • Learning new prospectives. Speaking at length with a mentor can provide you an opportunity to see your career and employment from another perspective. Whether you’re discussing long-term goals or challenges in your day-to-day job, the advice and perspective of a senior professional in your field can help you immeasurably.
  • Building your network. When you form a mentor relationship, you are not only gaining the expertise of the mentor, you’re opening up a networking opportunity with tenured employees in your field. Who would pass up an opportunity to meet other experience professionals?
  • Improving your communication skills. Interacting with and learning from your mentor can help you hone and improve your communication skills. Mentors will often provide an unabashed and constructive assessment of your communication skills. Take the opportunity to learn from this feedback and hone your skills!
  • Identifying areas for improvement or additional learning. As a senior professional in your area of expertise, your mentor will know what it takes to succeed long term. Your mentor can provide you with areas to prove, or additional areas of training or learning that might help you to succeed.
  • Advancing your leadership skills. Your mentor has achieved career success and leadership roles within an organization (or multiple organizations!). Tap into the knowledge and skills your mentor possesses, and seek opportunities to learn how you can advance your leadership skills.

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