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Searching for HR, sales/marketing, contact center, and/or finance-inspired talent? SelecSource has developed a unique approach to professional recruiting solutions.

We combine the best of contract, contingency search, and retained executive search. The result? A clerical staffing agency that connects our clients to some of the best professional talent in Georgia.  

Positions we place include:

The Right Talent for every position

At SelecSource, we focus on providing the recruitment services our clients need for outstanding professional recruiting. In our efforts to be among Georgia’s best staffing agencies, we help our clients find talent for positions like these:


Contact Center

Customer service staff form the foundation of your relationships with customers. Finding the right contact center talent, then, is essential to customer retention and business growth. At SelecSource, we leverage our professional recruiting skills to help you find the right contact center staff when you need them.


Whether you need to better understand your business’s functions, demonstrate returns on investments or meet legal and regulatory compliance obligations, you need finance and accounting staff who know their field. To find finance and accounting professionals in your area, partner with a Georgia staffing agency like SelecSource.


Your business may offer the best products and services in Georgia – but if the public doesn’t know about your work, they can’t benefit from it. Sales and marketing staff form the essential lines of communication between your business and the customers or clients who benefit from it. When you need outstanding sales and marketing talent, relying on SelecSource’s recruiting services can help you ensure you find the right addition to your team.


The US’s industrial and manufacturing workforce plays an essential role in the day-to-day economic health and productivity of the nation. These workers, in turn, rely on knowledgeable, professional leadership. The recruiters at SelecSource offer the professional recruiting knowledge and resources necessary to build a complete logistics and manufacturing team, from line workers to the leaders who help them succeed.

Human Resources

Human resources staff play a key role in building workplace culture, helping your staff stay focused on their work, and meeting legal and regulatory compliance demands. If you’re looking for new human resources talent to join your team, a Georgia staffing agency like SelecSource can help you find the right fit.


Clerical and administrative work ensures that a business runs smoothly, meets its various obligations, and can maintain a clear view of its work and the impact of business decisions. For outstanding candidates with clerical and administrative experience, don’t hesitate to turn to a clerical staffing agency. The team at SelecSource can help you find great talent.

Meeting Your Needs - Whatever They are

Years of professional recruiting experience have taught us the importance of a comprehensive approach to recruiting. No two businesses are alike, which means a Georgia staffing agency like SelecSource must be flexible when it comes to meeting your unique needs.

At SelecSource, we integrate our skills to help clients find the right talent for every position. Whether you need temporary or contract help for a special project, a new direct hire to round out a professional team, or candidates for a vital executive position, our recruitment services can meet the challenge.

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