Team Synergy: How to Get Your Individual Employees to Act as a Team

Team Players


For your business to operate at its maximum potential, it’s critical that your employees are on the same page. There needs to be effective collaboration, cohesion and team synergy. But this type of cooperation doesn’t always happen on its own. It often requires diligent effort on your part. Here are some specific ways you can get your individual employees to act as a team.

Decide What Type of Culture You Want

At the heart of most great teams is an underlying set of values and beliefs. For a team to be effective, employees will usually need to have the same agenda and work together to achieve a common goal. That’s why it’s so important to A) know what type of culture you want and B) find employees who fit in with that culture. This brings us to our next point.

Hire Accordingly

When making hiring decisions, you’ll want to target candidates who possess beliefs and values that align with your culture. Doing so will ensure that you’ve got all of the individual parts to create a stronger whole. This should minimize any friction or conflicts and sets the stage for team synergy.

Pick a Leader

What’s one thing that almost all great teams have in common? There’s a great leader who acts as the nucleus and keeps everything on track. They delegate tasks, monitor the progress of projects and resolve any conflicts that may occur along the way. They’re also the emotional backbone of the team and have solid rapport with each individual member. Because leadership is so essential, it’s recommended that you select an appropriate fit and put them in charge of projects.

Hold “Think Tank” Sessions

Everyone has something unique and valuable that they can contribute to the team. It’s also important to get everyone’s input before making key decisions. That’s why it’s a good idea to periodically hold think tank sessions where everyone can brainstorm and bounce ideas off of one another. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a formal meeting, but setting up these types of sessions on occasion should prove fruitful. An added plus is that it can be a team chemistry builder and gives your employees a chance to get to know another on a deeper level.

If you’re not currently seeing the type of teamwork among your employees that you’re looking for, you should make this a priority. It may take a little time, but taking the right steps to create team synergy can have a tremendous impact on your productivity and overall bottom line.

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