How to Get to Work On Time Every Day

Be On Time Everyday


Punctuality is one of the most important traits you can possess as an employee. Consistently showing up on time is a must in order to succeed at your job and progress in your career. Unfortunately, tardiness is a significant issue. A survey even found that “16 percent of workers arrive late to work once a week or more.” Here are some ways to ensure that you get to work on time every day.

Get Set Up the Night Before

If you’re the type of person who finds yourself scrambling around each morning in a chaotic frenzy, you can benefit greatly by completing a few key actions the night before. For example, you may want to pick out your clothes for work, put your keys and wallet in a certain location, pack your lunch and so on. Doing this should help you get into a better rhythm and minimize your stress.

Leave 10 Minutes Early

Another easy way to be punctual is to simply give yourself a little wiggle room. Go ahead and plan for curveballs to be thrown your way by giving yourself an extra 10 minutes each day. Whether there’s a traffic jam, road work or inclement weather, you should still be able to make it on time without having to stress out in the process.

Have a Backup Route

As we all know, traffic can be unpredictable. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in traffic, and it’s a common reason why many people are late to work. But you can do yourself a favor by having at least one alternate route to take in case you run into heavy traffic.

Go ahead and plan out your route ahead of time before you find yourself in a hectic situation. You may also want to use a traffic monitoring app like Waze so that you’ll be supplied with up-to-the-minute traffic reports before heading to work.

Don’t Make Any Pit Stops

Do you make it a habit to stop by the convenience store for snacks, fill up your gas tank or grab coffee on your way to work? You should try to stop it if at all possible. These can often turn into time drainers, and the next thing you know, you’re late for work. Some solutions are to get up a little earlier so you can eat breakfast/drink coffee at home and to always make sure that you’ve got enough gas in your tank before leaving.

If you struggle to get to work on time, it’s time to switch up your game plan. By changing your routine and planning ahead, you should be able to eliminate any inefficiencies and be consistently punctual.

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