Looking For Talented Employees? Use These Tips To Write The Perfect Job Description

Job Description


Writing a job description tends to sound easy on paper. But when you get right down to it, it can be quite difficult to encapsulate all of the qualities and skills that define your ideal employee. By following the right formula, you can write the perfect job description and streamline the recruiting process. Here are some tips.

Focus on the Core Functions of a Job

Of course the workplace is a dynamic environment, and an employee will have a lot of responsibilities. But when writing a job description, you’ll want to focus on four to six core activities they’ll be responsible for. You’ll also want to consider the soft skills that are necessary to perform a job such as independent thinking, communication skills, and so on.

These core functions are what you’ll want to highlight in the job description. Just think of it as a blueprint.

Structure Statements Correctly

On MIT’s website, they provide a very simple yet effective formula for structuring statements. It goes as follows:

Action word + subject + specific activity

For example, you might say “maintain inventory by entering new items into an electronic log.” This will ensure that potential applicants fully understand what the job entails and can connect the dots.

Clearly Define Necessary Experience and Skills

In order to attract the right applicants, you’ll want to be crystal clear about the type of background you’re looking for. For instance, you might say that candidates should have a minimum of two years experience in your industry and a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area. As for skills, you might state that they must be adept at using a particular type of software such as Excel.

Avoid Confusion or Misunderstanding

Any ambiguity on a job description can reduce its effectiveness. The Small Business Administration suggests that you “avoid using adverbs or adjectives that are subject to interpretation such as ‘frequently, ‘some,’ ‘complex,’ ‘occasional’ and ‘several.” Instead, try to be as specific as possible.

Highlight the Perks of the Job

Highly talented employees are in demand and have a lot of options. That’s why you’ll want to explain the advantages of them coming to work for you company. For instance, you might mention that you offer healthcare benefits and paid sick leave. You could also emphasize that you have a casual working environment and a tight knit team. Doing this can mean the difference between a talented employee choosing you over a competitor.

By understanding the nuts and bolts of the process, you can write the perfect job description. In turn, you can hasten your recruiting and bring aboard A+ talent that will truly be an asset to your company.

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