How to Write an Electrician Resume That Will Get You Hired

Electrician Resume


Working as an electrician can be a rewarding career that pays fairly well. It’s also a stable industry that’s projected to see a 14 percent growth from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than average. But to find a job, it’s crucial that you understand how to write an electrician resume that will help you stand out and ultimately get hired. Here are some essential elements to include and tips for optimizing them.

Personal Info

To begin, you’ll want to start out with your basic personal information including your name, address, phone number and email. This should be located toward the top of your resume so that hiring mangers can quickly find it.

Job History

Next, you’ll want to provide an overview of previous jobs you’ve held as an electrician within the past five years. Here’s some information to include:

  • The start and end dates
  • The location
  • Primary duties

Be sure to include plenty of action verbs because they will give your resume some pop and should catch the attention of prospective employers. This list from the Muse offers 165 examples of action verbs.

Educational Background

In this section, highlight the school you attended, the specific type of training you received, and certificates and or degrees you earned. Also, be sure to include the date in which you graduated.

Primary Skills

Lastly, you’ll want to go over any particular skills that demonstrate that you would be an asset to an employer’s company. For example, you could mention that you excel at mathematics, are capable of generating computer-aided designs for projects and are adept at using a variety of power tools. Just put yourself in the shoes of a potential employer and consider which skills they would like an employee to possess.

A Final Note

There are a couple of extra things to mention when writing an electrician resume. One is that you should be diligent about checking for spelling and grammatical errors. Always go over your resume thoroughly more mistakes and have another person do so as well before sending it out.

Another point involves reputation management. These days, more and more employers are checking candidate’s social media profiles and overall online presence. If they find unsavory information that paints you in an unflattering light, it can really hurt your chances. Thats’s why you’ll want to look over your Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and remove anything that could be problematic.

The key to writing an excellent electrician resume is covering all of the important points and putting forth the effort to ensure that everything is just right. By being thorough and professional, you should be able to catch the eye of employers and find a suitable job.

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