Case Study: Sweet Frozen Bakery Success!

Case Study: Midsize Manufacturer of frozen bakery goods struggles to adjust to growing customer demand


Sweet Frozen Bakery Success!


Key Process Elements

  • Provide on site manager to monitor and direct employees
  • Implement time clock system to ensure operational goals


The Situation

Our customer, a midsize manufacturer of frozen bakery products is situated in the heart of a thriving city center and supplies a variety of service outlets including schools, military, healthcare, supermarkets, wholesale clubs and convenient stores. Consistent new product quality and changing staffing needs led this company to hire SelecSource to successfully respond to growing demand in the marketplace.

Increased demand led to an increased need for labor during 2nd & 3rd shifts. Floor supervisors were overwhelmed by the growing number of employees and the process of checking in and delegating departmental assignments. Bottom line: this inefficiency led to production loss. During busy times employees experienced payroll errors and some were directed to wrong departments and led to company turnover.


Our Solution

Our team placed an On-Site Manager at the manufacturing location to monitor employees and implement streamlined processes. This manager ensured that employees clocked in and were ready to work at their station on time for each shift.

Additionally, we absorbed all on site employee orientations for our customer and implemented a time clock system.


Customer Benefit

Providing an On-Site Manager allowed us to meet production goals by closely monitoring employees. Implementation of the time clock kept operations running in a timely manner.

  • Increase production
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Save company money
  • Increase employee morale