Overcoming the Skills Gap in the US

While most of us are focused on the fact that in many areas, there are as many as five or more job seekers for every available job, there are numerous markets that are actually far understaffed. Whether you’re trying to figure out what to major in, or you are looking to make a career change, it may be very lucrative to consider industries that are experiencing a major skill gap in the United States.

Skilled trades have been hit hard by recent trends that have sent more workers into engineering and medical jobs. This means that there is currently a shortage of electricians, plumbers and HVAC workers. In some cases, it is estimated that there are as many as three jobs available for every one job seeker. This definitely puts the odds more in your favor to land a high-paying job. While being a plumber may have never seemed attractive, if you want a solid job with a high pay scale, and you are relatively handy, you may want to consider making the switch.

Another industry that is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers is the medical technician industry. While many people are interested in the health care field, most job seekers are seeking the higher paying jobs in nursing or medicine and as such, there is now a large gap between the available jobs for medical technicians and qualified technicians.

The good news for job seekers is that these popular fields often offer training on the job or at the very least, training only takes a few years. That means you can go from being unemployed to having a great job in a very short period of time. The key is finding an industry that has a large skill gap that matches your own natural talents. Instead of struggling to get a job in a very competitive field, going to fields that are wide open means you’ll get hired faster, and in many cases, end up making more than your peers.

One great way to help you decide which field is right for you is to take the national career readiness test or skill based tests that help prove your aptitude. This will help open the door to an exciting career in a field that is wide open and ready for you.

Pay attention to industries that are experiencing a skill gap and take advantage of the openings that are available. If you have a natural talent for something, now is definitely the time to take action.

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