Summer Networking Strategies

It seems at times that the majority of your networking opportunities occur during the fall and winter months. However, summer time is a great time to network, you just have to make use of different opportunities. Let’s look at just a few ways you can turn summertime into the best time to network.

1. Network with other parents in your neighborhood. Any time you take your kids to the park or any outdoor event, naturally there will be other parents there. This is a great time to start networking with your peers. Chances are you’ll find at least a few people who are in your line of work or in a related field. Get the conversation started and you’ll be well on the way to forging new relationships.

2. Host your own event. Instead of waiting around for the perfect networking event, take the initiative and host your own. Check with your local chamber of commerce and see if they have anyone else who would be interested in doing an event or to see if they have any ideas they can share with you. Publicize your event heavily in your local area and make sure to keep it fun and low-key in keeping with the spirit of summer.

3. Plant your seeds for the future now. If you aren’t interning this summer and you’re still in school, this is a great opportunity for you to use your time wisely. Start researching companies and getting in contact with decision makers. Even if you don’t need a job right now, you will soon and now is the time to start cultivating these relationship — just like a garden.

4. Volunteer or take up a social sport/hobby. Volunteering is a great way to build new connections, and there are numerous sports that are ideal for developing business connections. For example, one college student spent her summers working at a golf course and managed to create a huge list of contacts who were more than willing to offer her a job when she was out of college. You don’t even have to work at a course, learn a social sport like golf or tennis and use these opportunities to forge new and lasting relationships.

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