Top 3 Reasons You Should Decline a Job Opportunity

Job seekers live for the words, “We’d like to offer you the job,” but in some cases, you may be better off declining an opportunity. While it may be difficult to imagine turning down a job, especially if you’re currently unemployed and have been looking for a long time, it is vital to find the right opportunity, not just the first one that comes along.

When should you say, “Thanks, but I”ll pass?” Let’s look at three reasons why declining a job opportunity may be the right decision to make.

1. Little or no opportunity for advancement. Most of us aren’t content with subsisting at the same job, knowing full well that we’ll never be able to achieve anything more, whether it’s a position, more pay or simply the ability to improve your skills. If a position looks like a dead end, it should be avoided like the plague. In order to be happy both now and in the future, you need to find a position that will allow you to grow and achieve your goals.

2. High company turn-over rates. You may not be able to get the real story about management, but you can look at turn-over rates for a very good clue at how the business is run. If the pay seems to good to be true, and this company is always hiring, this is a very good indicator that they have a problem with employee retention. Pay attention to job posting frequencies and network with other job seekers — they may have more information on some employers.

3. It isn’t what you really want. Mark Twain said “Make your vocation your vacation,” and this is incredibly important. If you don’t love your job, your whole outlook on life can suffer. Don’t settle for less and don’t be content with a job that you really don’t want to do. You’ll only end up looking for a job again when it finally gets to you.

It is important to be happy and if this means taking your time to find the right job, know that it will pay off in the long run.