Getting Gen Y Employees Interested in Your Company

Your company is only as strong as its employees, and if you want to stay on top, that means being able to attract today’s best new talent — the Gen Y crowd. This generation is graduating from college and if you want to compete in this marketplace, you may have to be willing to change up your hiring game a bit.

First and foremost, the key to attracting Gen Y employees is your approach in posting jobs. Instead of the usual job placement agencies, ads in local papers and your website, you’re going to need to branch out a little bit. If you’re not already using online job search sites for your job postings, now is the best time to get started.

Your social networking efforts should also mention your current job openings. This is a generation that was raised as social networking was reaching its peak and they rely on this medium heavily. In fact, traditional means of posting jobs most likely won’t reach this demographic. You’re going to need to use sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract this generation.

Now, once you’ve got this generation hired, you may also need to do things in your organization a little bit differently as well. Be prepared for employees who expect to be able to use their skills in social networking, and who are technologically savvy. This is a great thing for a company that’s struggled in developing a sturdy online presence and can be very useful in helping you take your company to the next level.

This is also a generation that is used to flexibility. You may want to consider offering the ability to telecommute, at least occasionally, and you may also need to provide different benefits than you’re used to. This generation isn’t as motivated by money, they are more interested in the ancillary benefits they can reap by working with a great company, such as better advancement opportunities and more freedom in the workplace.

By fine tuning your approach and your management style, you can be assured that you will be able not only to attract the Gen Y employees your organization needs, but you’ll also be able to keep them.