Six Ways to Stall Your Job Search

Having difficulty finding the right job? You may be falling victim to some common pitfalls that can stall, and worse, completely halt your job search. It’s all too easy to make these mistakes when you’re seeking a job, but being aware of the pitfalls ahead of time will help you keep your job search on the right track and going full steam ahead.

1. Failing to be aggressive. You may feel as though you have the best talent package in the world, but employers may not see this. In today’s job market you’ve got to be aggressive and competitive. Search for new listings every single day, send your resume out and follow-up.

2. Failing to write a compelling resume and cover letter. Your cover letter and your resume will either open a door or slam it in your face. You need to be able to stand out on paper or you’ll never get to shine in person. Take the time to craft an intriguing cover letter and learn how to write a truly stellar resume.

3. Failing to land interviews. Companies, especially in competitive markets, may get hundreds of resumes for a new position. It’s all too easy to fall between the cracks. Keep a log of where you apply and if you haven’t heard anything, follow-up to see if the position has been filled.

4. Failing to find the key decision maker. If you apply to the wrong person, you may as well have burned your resume. Always take your time to research a company ahead of time and find out who you need to be in touch with.

5. Failing to impress during a job interview. If you’re not dressing professionally and presenting yourself in the best light possible, you may not stand out in a competitive field. Work on being professional and memorable.

6. Failing to follow-up. Many companies often test their applicants to see just how badly they want the position. If you’re not following up on resume submissions or interviews, employers may feel as though you simply don’t want the job. Remember, you’ve got to be aggressive, not passive, if you’re hunting for a job.

With the right skills and the right approach, you can land your dream job. Just make sure to steer clear of these common issues, and stay on top of your search.