Using Facebook to Make Friends, Not Fans

When it comes to attracting job seekers, social networking has been proven to be advantageous, but not all social networking sites are created equal. Despite its tremendous reach, to date, many companies have had difficulty using Facebook as a means of finding new hires.
This is most likely due to the static nature of the “fan” page that businesses are relegated to on this network. If you don’t utilize the page to its utmost, you may end up with legions of fans, but chances are you won’t have attracted many candidates.
Understanding why this happens, and how to avoid it will help you get more out of Facebook as a recruiting tool.
1. Make it Interactive. Fan pages are static and if you are not utilizing the wall post feature to start a dialogue, you’re not giving any potential hires anything exciting to do on that page. Make your posts interactive, ask your audience questions and keep the conversation going. In today’s world, a static page just isn’t enough to stay competitive.
2. Keep it Fresh. In order to keep your name in front of the “fans” you’ve made, and get your name out there, you’ve got to keep updating your Facebook page. Find something every single day to post about. This in turn increases the likelihood of interaction and will help generate more interest in your company.
3. Utilize Cross Promotional Tools. Other social networking sites, such as Twitter, can be used to integrate your campaigns to find new hires. Get the discussion going on your Facebook page, and then use your Twitter account to drive more people there. This will help both social sites feed each other and keep you on top of the game.
Every company is different and it may take some time to find your stride with your Facebook page. Look up your competitors pages on Facebook and find some inspiration there to see what you could be doing differently, if you find yourself stuck without any ideas.