Why Shouldn’t I Hire You?

Have you ever been asked this question in an interview? “Why shouldn’t I hire you?” may sound like a trick question, but it is one that is becoming increasingly common during job interviews. And answering this question deftly can have an impact on whether or not you land your next job. Answers to this question can demonstrate your creativity, confidence, and whether or not you can think on your feet.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to shine.

Handle “Why shouldn’t I hire you” with confidence in your next interview. Here are three tips to help you give a great answer:

1. Consider giving a “risky” response. More often than not, interviewers are looking at your ability to handle a curveball and think on your feet. By providing a creative, albeit somewhat “risky” response, you are clearly demonstrating strength in this area. A creative-type answer that falls in this category would be something with humor, for example, “If you hire me, you’ll have nothing to do.” Or, “I work so well, you’ll feel guilty if you don’t give me a raise.” Be forewarned that not every employer will respond well to humor; however, if you demonstrate an ability to think on your feet and be creative, you could end up standing out from other candidates.

2. Turn your weaknesses into positives. In addition to creative responses, interviewers are often looking for examples of your weaknesses with this question. So don’t be afraid to acknowledge some of your weakness – but be sure to point out how you are addressing them, and trying to turn them into positives. For example, if you tend to rush through assignments, consider answering that you are so excited for new projects, you tend to move into them quickly. But, to overcome that weakness, you take time for an immediate creative spurt, then go back and examine your work to determine the best way to finish the project.

3. Don’t skip the question. Stating, “There is no reason to hire me,” should never be your answer to this question. That type of response demonstrates a lack of creativity, and could even tell an interviewer that you simply refuse to answer the question. Seeming defiant in an interview is one way to make sure you don’t land the job, so be sure to answer the question!

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