Don’t Be a Stepping Stone Employer!

The market for job seekers is incredibly competitive, and finding a new job can seem like an impossible task. For some candidates, that means they will “sacrifice” and take a job as a stepping stone to better opportunities.

Be more than a stepping stone – be a great choice for job seekers!

Hiring new employees is costly and time-consuming, and no one wants to be used as stepping stone to bigger and better things. Here are three ways to avoid being a stepping stone and instead be the long-term employer for your team:

  1. Ask about long-term goals. From the very beginning, ask prospective employees where they see themselves in five, 10 years. Find out why they applied to your company, and what they hope to achieve in their careers. If they hesitate, or if their responses seem a little too “canned,” you might have to probe a bit more to see if you are the goal for candidates, or a mere stepping stone. But, better to ask during the interview, than get burned down the line!
  2. Provide clear ascension paths. When you’re hiring new employees, make it very clear where they can take their careers within your company. Provide a clear path of ascension, with attainable goals. If your employees know that they have a long-term plan of action within your company, they are far less likely to see their jobs as stepping stones.
  3. Offer opportunities for advanced training and learning. If you’re employees are eager to learn more and grow as professionals, be the one to give them those opportunities! Providing opportunities for growth and learning shows an investment in them, and if your employees know you see them as a long-term investment, they’re much more likely to invest in your organization.

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