5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Being Laid Off

Many Americans have felt the pinch of today’s economy. Although showing signs of improvement, recent economic times have resulted in significant layoffs. If your job ends up being another casualty of the economy, there are tips you should follow to help find new employment. But…

If you’ve been laid off, there are things you should also avoid.

Don’t hurt your chances of career success – avoid these 5 mistakes made by professionals who have been laid off:

1. Refuse to take a job that pays less.
Sure, it may wound your pride, but at this stage, titles are worthless. If you are lucky enough to find a job in your area of expertise, even if it does pay slightly less than your previous position, don’t lose out due to pride. If you are able to pay your bills and get by, take the opportunity. You never know where it can lead down the line.

2  Be rash.
Being laid off stinks – there is no other way to put it. But, you can create irreparable damage to your career by losing your temper. While this may seem obvious, don’t badmouth your previous employers. Whether verbally or online (emails, social media, or any other means) – don’t do it. You have no idea who could see or hear your comments…perhaps a potential employer!

3. Take a vacation.
You may feel that, after losing your job, you deserve a vacation. Well sure you do, but that doesn’t make it a smart idea! If you’ve been laid off, then it’s time to buckle down and plan your finances for the next few months. Very rarely does being unemployed include room to spend extra money on an unnecessary expenditure – like a vacation

4. Be lazy.
Believe it or not, searching for full-time work can feel like…a full-time job. Now is not the time to be lazy. Each posted job opening can receive hundreds of qualified resumes…why miss out on the right opportunity because you were too lazy?

5. Pretend you didn’t lose your job.
Facing unemployment head-on is not something to look forward to, but it is an unfortunate reality. Living in denial and pretending you haven’t lost your job is a one-way ticket to long-lasting unemployment. Face the truth…and put a plan into motion for the next step in your career!

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