Find Great Candidates – Use Technology to Recruit the Cream of the Crop

Finding top talent is becoming increasingly difficult. As employers continue to see fiscal improvement and the economy improves, businesses are suddenly clamoring again for top talent. How can you stay at the top of the pack, and ensure you’re reaching the most-talented professionals for your job openings?

Technology is having a profound impact on recruting.

If you’re not paying attention to the latest trends and using top technology, you’re going to get left behind. Here are some examples of technology that can help you find great candidates:

  • Update your website. If you can’t remember how old your website is, or even if you can (and it’s more than a few years), it’s likely time for an update. Today’s top candidates are forming an impression of you based on your website. Period. And if your website is a little “long in the tooth,” don’t miss out on opportunities to gain top talent (and new clients!) – update your website. Now.
  • Make sure you have a job board. When you’re squaring away that new website, make sure you are also including job board software. When a potential candidate visits your site, he or she is interested in seeing what opportunities you have available. And they want to apply! Make sure you have a job board on your site, and update it frequently. No one wants to apply to an 18-month old job posting. This element of your site should be its most dynamic – keep sharing your new career opportunities with prospective employees!
  • Don’t forget social media. Social media is still considered an emerging technology, yet it is an ingrained part of many of our daily lives. Be sure you’re sharing your job posts on popular social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. What’s that – you don’t have social media profiles? What are you waiting for? Set up social media profiles for your business, and update them frequently (not just with your job postings). Social media sites can be an excellent source of market research, and can be an invaluable public relations tool. Engage in conversations with potential candidates and clients – you might just end up with some new professionals in your network.

Technology should be playing a big role in your quest to find the best candidates, and when you are searching for top talent in the Greater Atlanta Area, contact SelecSource. We’ll leverage our extensive network of professionals, including passive talent, along with the latest technology, to ensure you are presented with only the most talented and qualified professionals.