How to Properly Decline a Job Offer

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Searching for your next career opportunity? Although the job search market is pretty competitive, you may find–or have found– yourself in a situation where you receive two job offers simultaneously. It may seem like an ideal situation (two job offers are surely better than one–or none!–right?), but how you handle the situation can make a… Read more »

5 Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

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It may have been a long process. Weeks or months of submitting resumes, only to finally get a call for an interview. You researched the company, prepared as much as possible, and have finished your interview – you feel great. But…now what? Following up is critical to your job search success! Following up after an… Read more »

Who Should I Use As References?

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After spending significant time and work preparing your resume and cover letter, then going through the interview process, professional references may seem like an afterthought. But they are still required before many employers will extend a job offer. Professional references don’t have to be a stressor. References are a great way for employers to determine… Read more »

5 Job Skills You Didn’t Know You Have

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Preparing a resume can sometimes seem like a chore. Analyzing your previous positions and accomplishments can seem tedious, and it can be frustrating to send out your resume to hundreds of companies, only to hear back from a few. Your resume offers a chance for your skills to shine. Take a look at your resume… Read more »

Why Do Employers Reject Seemingly Qualified Candidates?

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You perfected your resume, completed a top-tier cover letter, and were brought in for the interview – which you aced. Yet, after all that – you didn’t get hired. You were the “perfect” candidate, and everything went well…so what went wrong? Why would an employer pass over a “perfect” candidate? Despite an outward appearance of… Read more »

Get the Job – Using Your Voice!

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In today’s job market, many candidates are searching for opportunities outside their immediate area. But, applying to out-of-state, or other long-distance opportunities can present some challenges for hiring managers. As a result, many are resorting to phone interviews in lieu of traditional, in-person interviews, or as an additional way to screen candidates before bringing them… Read more »

The Waiting Game – Why You Weren’t Called Back After the Interview

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Does anyone really like interviewing for jobs? It’s incredibly stressful! Maybe you’ve been out of work, or you’re not satisfied in your current job. And this interview is (seemingly) your one ticket to career satisfaction. It can seem pretty overwhelming. But, you’ve done your research, practiced, and have aced your interview. So…why didn’t you hear… Read more »

4 Tips for Reentering the Workforce

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Whatever your reason: education, staying at home with kids, or studying abroad, reentering the workforce can be difficult. And in an incredibly competitive job market, any perceived negative can make it challenging to find work. Get your career back on track. Reentering the workforce is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. Here are four… Read more »