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Searching for warehouse, manufacturing, or distribution inspired talent? These workers play a key role in ensuring that industrial companies meet their business goals – but their skillsets are diverse, and it can be difficult to find and keep the right talent. 

Partnering with recruiters who specialize in industrial staffing services can help. For over two decades, SelecSource has helped companies not only meet their production goals but meet human capital demands and fluctuation.  

At SelecSource, we focus on matching industrial talent to our clients’ specific needs and processes. Our value stems from proven methods of recruiting and engaging talent. 

Positions we place include:

Choosing the Right Talent - Every Time

The industrial sector encompasses a wide range of jobs and skillsets. Even a single category, such as manufacturing jobs, covers many types of manufacturing and skillset demands.

SelecSource uses a scientifically-based method to match available talent to our client’s specific needs. Whether you need the talent to fill distribution, logistics, warehouse, or manufacturing jobs, we’re here to make the right connections.

Seeking more efficiency from your staffing budget? Our industrial staffing services also include the ability to analyze your team’s skills and improve them. Our CPU Workforce Management allows you to access higher-quality industrial workforce talent at lowered costs, by analyzing available skills and capabilities, examining processes for inefficiencies, and retraining staff as needed to close efficiency gaps in manufacturing jobs and other areas.

How We Find and Place Talent

At SelecSource, we focus on providing outstanding industrial staffing services, so our clients find and keep the manufacturing talent they need. 

We begin with a comprehensive approach to connecting with industrial workforce talent and sharing news of manufacturing jobs. Through a combination of social media outreach, digital and print advertising, job fair attendance and referral incentives, we leave no stone unturned in our search to connect industrial clients to the best available talent.  

Nor do we stop with finding qualified candidates. SelecSource offers a wide range of industrial staffing services aimed at helping our clients fill a wide range of distribution, logistics, warehouse and manufacturing jobs. Whether you need temporary or contract help, a new part- or full-time direct hire, or temp-to-hire options, we can meet your needs. 

SelecSource also offers select support services to our industrial and manufacturing clients. These include payroll administration for short-term and non-core employees. We take the tedium of payroll off your hands, so that you can focus on expanding your business.  

Need to fill a large number of manufacturing jobs? Talk to us about on-site services. When clients’ staffing needs are substantial, SelecSource is happy to provide industrial staffing services on-site by assigning a recruiter to your specific location and needs.  

Manufacturing plays a key role in local, national and global economies. For every manufacturer, finding and keeping the right talent is a must. Whether your organization is looking to expand its workforce, fill open manufacturing jobs, or improve its efficiency in hiring and managing payroll, don’t hesitate to talk to the team at SelecSource. We offer industrial staffing services aimed at helping our clients build outstanding industrial workforces in manufacturing, distribution, logistics and other aspects of industrial work.

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