Get The Most Out of Your First Hour At Work

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  The activities you engage in during first hour at work can have a significant impact on the rest of your day. Start by performing productive tasks, and you set a positive tone moving forward. Putter around and engage in pointless tasks, and it can take a chunk out of your overall productivity. Here are… Read more »

Take time for Safety

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Busy lives and schedules often force us to make critical time-management choices and oftentimes cut corners when it comes to safety. Never make the mistake of choosing safety over time savings! Rushing causes us to loose focus, skip steps, and make bad decisions. Time spent staying safe is time well spent. “Hurried working” is a… Read more »

Steps to proactively prevent workplace injuries

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You play a vital role in workplace safety and injury prevention!! Taking care of your health by staying properly hydrated and nourished, getting the proper amount of sleep, and exercise is so important to your overall safety and well being. Simple habit changes like walking 20 minutes a day and drinking 6 8-oz glasses of… Read more »

Case Study: Sweet Frozen Bakery Success!

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Case Study: Midsize Manufacturer of frozen bakery goods struggles to adjust to growing customer demand   Sweet Frozen Bakery Success!   Key Process Elements Provide on site manager to monitor and direct employees Implement time clock system to ensure operational goals   The Situation Our customer, a midsize manufacturer of frozen bakery products is situated… Read more »

Case Study: Small local facility for International Supplier

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Small local facility for International Supplier struggles to acclimate to daily changing environment   Streamlined Solutions for Supply Chain Success   Key Process Elements Implement skills testing and strong leadership Cross train employees to proactively combat fluctuations   The Challenge Our customer, a small supplier branch for a large international group provides logistic support solutions… Read more »