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Busy lives and schedules often force us to make critical time-management choices and oftentimes cut corners when it comes to safety. Never make the mistake of choosing safety over time savings! Rushing causes us to loose focus, skip steps, and make bad decisions. Time spent staying safe is time well spent.

“Hurried working” is a dangerous way to work. Injuries aren’t the real cause of incidents and injuries. Hurried working is in fact a symptom off poor planning, poor choices, and poor time-management — all of which can be prevented with proper preparation and organization.


Moving at a faster speed than usual creates increased risk that is seldom thought about.

  • Less time to scan your path of travel for hazards
  • Less reaction time to changing conditions
  • Less time to be aware of surroundings and keep body parts out of the line of fire
  • Striking objects with more force, resulting in more severe injuries
  • Moving faster means carrying more momentum, making a slip, trip or fall much more likely and painful

If you find yourself running out of time, it’s probably because you’re not spending enough time planning the job. When we “hurry up” it’s likely that we’ll “hurry up and hurt.” Avoid rushing to reduce your chance of injury!


1. Ensure Safety Equipment is Used at All Times – Wear appropriate PPE (hardhats, safety glasses, etc.) as needed and be aware of emergency exits.

2. Eliminate Personal Safety Hazards – Help ensure all warehousing floor is free of slip and trip hazards. Continually stay on the lookout and help ensure that the floor is free of stray cords, liquids and potentially hazardous items.

3. Clearly Labeled and Designated Hazardous Zones – Dangerous equipment should be stored in an area that is clearly labeled and safe walkways should be clearly identified.

4. Always use Safe Lifting Techniques – When transporting a load, always assess the best option first. Safe lifting techniques should always be used! When using material handling equipment do so carefully and follow operating procedures.

5. Promote Awareness in your Warehouse – When carrying items or driving machinery, a simple “Coming through!” can alert other workers of your wareabouts and help avoid collision. Stay aware of your environment and those operating machinery around you.

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